Hx1 Hybrid (part number 2001-00287 AES I/O)

930,00 € 1 125,30 €

Hx Digital Hybrid Telephone Interfaces;

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Hx1 contains an advanced third-generation Telos hybrid for superior audio quality. Universal POTS interface features disconnect-signal detection, which works with Telco providers worldwide. Includes Auto-Answer with selectable ring count, switchable mic/line input, call screening, and line-hold features, front-panel send and receive audio metering; audio sweetening tools include Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ) and adjustable smart leveler, symmetrical wide-range AGC and noise gating by Omnia, studio adaption and pitch shifter for use in open-speaker applications, and adjustable caller override.

Analog I/O standard;

AES/EBU I/O with automatic sample rate conversion optional.

Auto-ranging power supply, 90 – 132 / 187 – 264 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz. 100 Watts.


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